Risha Virma Gupta

Drug Related Charges

If you have been accused or charged with a drug related offence, forming a strong and thorough defence for your case is critial.

When Rishma Gupta defends a drug charge case, she closely examines every aspect of the case including the validity of the search warrant, reviewing if you had ‘care and control’ over the drugs, or discussing the lesser offence of possession instead of trafficking. Further, evidence from witnesses, especially drug dealers or police informants, is not always reliable. Wiretaps and drug paraphernalia may also be dismissed if improperly obtained.

Drug Charge Defence Lawyers

An experienced criminal defence lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case, examine every detail, assert any possible defences, represent you at trial or negotiate a plea bargain – if appropriate – and guide you through the criminal court process.

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Fight your Sexual Assault Charge with a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto.

If you or someone you know is facing a sexual assault charge, it is important to seek the services of an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Rishma Gupta practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense law and has extensive experience in murder and manslaughter defence. Contact Rishma today at 416-844-8467 or rish@guptacriminaltriallawyers.com.