Notable Cases

R v M.M.

Client charged with discharge firearm and possession of firearm found in his vehicle after along with bullet casings from the shooting. The shooting was alleged to have happened outside a restaurant while the client was in his car as a drive by. After the body cam videos were disclosed and presented to the judge in Toronto, all charges were dismissed due to client's Charter rights under s. 10(a), 10(b), 8, and 9 were breached and could not be saved under s. 24(2).

R v S.N.

Client charged with possession of a firearm in Brampton. Client was in a vehicle that the police searched after claiming a ride stop that resulted in the "smell" of marijuana. All charges dismissed.

R v Z.H.

Client charged with possession of a firearm and several charges of possession of illegal drugs for the purpose of trafficking. Client also charged with thousands of dollars of proceeds of crime. It was successfully argued that more than half of the thousands of dollars was not as a result of proceeds of crime. All charges withdrawn against the client. And most of the proceeds were returned, as not being proceeds of crime, nor forfeited as proceeds of crime.

R v A.CB

Client charged with possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle. Charge withdrawn

R v S.N.

Client charged with 13 counts of firearm related charges. He was arrested in a vehicle on a warrantless search. After several pretrials and proving the crown lack a reasonable prospect of conviction, all charges were withdrawn.

R v K.McK.

Client charged pursuant to a CDSA search warrant with copious amounts of various drugs. Client faced significant penitentiary time. After successful challenge to the warrant, all charges for trafficking illegal drugs and possession of illegal drugs were withdrawn.

R v R.McL.

Client charged with trafficking illegal drugs out of a hotel room. Windsor police surveillance provided corroboration, according to police, for judicial authorization to search that hotel room. Client arrested for numerous counts of trafficking illegal substances. After successful negotiation, all charges were withdrawn. 

R v S.H.

Client charged with trafficking illegal substances, proceeds, and possession of a firearm. Client also charged with massive amount of proceeds found in a lockbox. After several pretrials, all charges withdrawn and funds returned to client. 

R v A.B.

Client charged with numerous counts of trafficking drugs and proceeds. All charges withdrawn. 

R v R.S.

Client charged with 52 counts of robbery with a firearm of pharmacies all over Peel. All charges withdrawn.

R v C.R.

Client charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in Barrie from a stash house. After successful negotiation, all charges withdrawn.

R v S.B.

Client charged with robbery with a restricted loaded firearm. Client acquitted.