Notable Cases

R. v. P.M.

Client charged with aggravated assault, assault, utter death threat caught on camera. Several co-accused involved. After trial, client was found not guilty on all charges.

R. v. N.A.

Client charged with domestic assault against his wife and two of his children. Conducted a lengthy trial. Client was acquitted of all charges before the Court.

R. v. T.L.

Client charged with possession of firearm related charges. Police were called to a house party due to a noise complaint. They illegally entered the home and proceeded to search all the people in that house. Several people were arrested for various charges. Several pretrial motions were brought for breach of client’s constitutional rights. After success at said pretrial motions, the charges were dismissed.

R. v. F.E.

Client was charged with domestic assault with children as witnesses. After trial, and cross-examination of the child witnesses and the complainant, client was acquitted.

R. v. S.M.

Client was charged with spitting at a correctional officer. This was caught on surveillance allegedly. Client was charged with assault inside the correctional officers wagon of prisoners with another prisoner. There was no surveillance inside the wagon, but there was of the wagon moving up and down as if there was movement inside. The complainant (another prisoner) did not testify at the trial. The correctional officers were cross-examined based on the surveillance. After several days of evidence, client was found not guilty.

R. v. E.E.

Client was charged with child abduction. After cross-examination of the complainant, there were serious doubts raised on the elements of the offence. Crown folded and dropped the charges.

R. v. D.K.

Client was charged with tossing a firearm (possession of firearm related charges) and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Based on s. 8 and 9 of the Charter, all charges were dropped.

R. v. T.G.

Client was charged with aggravated assault, attempt murder, and several counts of assault. Surveillance showed T.G. amongst others at a shooting at a bar in Toronto. After a week long trial, Mr. T.G. was acquitted.

R. v. H.B.

Client charged with trafficking cocaine, human trafficking, robbery. Conducted several pre-trial motions. Cross-examined several girls alleged to have been human trafficked. After lengthy trial, client was acquitted of all charges.

R. v. J.D.

Client was charged with several counts of armed bank robberies all over the GTA, Manitoba and B.C. This was a project case involving other co-accused. After several arguments before the Court, all charges were stayed.

R. v. J.R.

Client was charged with an Attempt Murder after a shooting at a bar. There were two other co-accused. We conducted a preliminary inquiry. After cross-examination of the complainant who showed up in crutches, the judge dismissed the case against Mr. J.R. All charges were dropped.

R. v. M.H.

Client was charged with an aggravating armed robbery with several co-accused. Witnesses proved to be incredible. Defence witnesses proved to be credible. The other co-accused were found guilty at trial. M.H. was found not guilty.