Notable Cases

R. v. H.A.

Client was charged with Uber Robbery. After several days of cross-examination and showing that there were serious reasonable doubt in the allegations, client was acquitted.

R v. A.S.

Client was charged with breaching his bail conditions. He was found and arrested outside the complainant’s house, which he was prohibited from being at. At trial, Ms. Gupta had gone to the crime scene. Armed with that knowledge, she successfully cross-examined the police witnesses. Crown could not prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt and client was found not guilty.

R. v. T.C.

Client charged with human trafficking related charges and possession of firearm. Lengthy preliminary inquiry conducted. All charges against client were discharged.

R. v. J.P.

Client and two other co-accused charged with several break and enters by York Regional Police. Several tracking warrants and surveillance was conducted. Several search warrants executed. Stolen items from the commercial break and enters were found in clients home. After several pretrials with the judge, all charges against client withdrawn.

R. v. R.W.

Client charged with theft of a motor vehicle. After lengthy discussions with the crown about weaknesses of the crown’s case, Crown withdrew the charges.

R. v. F.M.

Client charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, fentanyl, heroine and several counts of trafficking firearms and criminal conspiracy. Client alleged to be caught on the wires. This was a project case involving several weeks of preliminary inquiry proceedings. All charges against client after preliminary inquiry were withdrawn.

R. v. R.B.

Charges were a series of domestic assaults. Police fail to provide SOCO photos of client’s injuries and claim to have “lost” the complainant’s SOCO photos. The police said it was not in bad faith. After successfully winning on the “Lost Evidence” Application under s. 7 Charter breach, client was acquitted of all charges.

R. v. L.M.

Client charged with human trafficking, sexual assault, and possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and heroin. Conducted a lengthy preliminary inquiry. All charges were discharged against only client, not the co-accused.

R. v. P.M.

Client charged with aggravated assault, assault, utter death threat caught on camera. Several co-accused involved. After trial, client was found not guilty on all charges.

R. v. N.A.

Client charged with domestic assault against his wife and two of his children. Conducted a lengthy trial. Client was acquitted of all charges before the Court.

R. v. T.L.

Client charged with possession of firearm related charges. Police were called to a house party due to a noise complaint. They illegally entered the home and proceeded to search all the people in that house. Several people were arrested for various charges. Several pretrial motions were brought for breach of client’s constitutional rights. After success at said pretrial motions, the charges were dismissed.

R. v. F.E.

Client was charged with domestic assault with children as witnesses. After trial, and cross-examination of the child witnesses and the complainant, client was acquitted.