Notable Cases

R. v. S.K.

Client charged with assault police after police entered his home for a noise complaint. It was argued that police used Excessive Force and were not in execution of their duty. All charges were stayed thereafter.

R. v. A.F.

Client was charged with a large amount of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. After proving to the Court that the Peel Police breached his constitutional rights, the charges were dismissed based on those breaches.

R. v. T.T.

This was a sexual assault and forcible confinement case. It was a lengthy judge and jury trial. We lost every pretrial motion, every objection. Client had several sexual assaults on his record, which were sanitized at trial. The trial lasted 6 weeks. Cross-examination of the complainant was undermined. After merely three hours of deliberations, the jury found T.T. not guilty.