Risha Virma Gupta

Robbery, Theft, Burglary, Breaking & Entering, and Fraud Defence

Rishma Gupta has vast experience in the defence of charges related to offences against rights of property. Robbery differs from theft in that the goods are usually stolen directly from the owner using threats, force, or coercion. Please read our blog post Theft, Fraud, Burglary, Robbery, and the $5,000 Threshold outlining the differences between robbery, theft, burglary, and fraud.

Whether you are facing a charge of robbery or theft, an experienced and passionate criminal defence lawyer can provide you with an intelligent and strategic defence. Rishma Gupta has successfully defended past clients by first investigating every aspect of the case. Thoroughly reviewing all evidence, information about the arrest, police procedure, and a complete analysis of the case is the only way to ensure the defendant is receiving due process and justice.

How to Defend Against Theft Charges

There are several possible legal defences which can apply in theft cases. An alleged theft may have risen from an honest misunderstanding of ownership or done under duress. For example, a person accused of stealing property can have a valid defence if they can establish they had a good faith belief the property was theirs to begin with. It is important to consult with a experienced criminal defence lawyer to detemine the best strategy for your defence.

Charged with Robbery

Robbery and is a serious allegations and defending such charges may involve very complicated legal problems. Robbery is stealing from a person using violence or threats of violence. A robbery conviction can have a considerable impact on your future including your ability to gain employment and travel. You could face imprisonment and be burdened with a restrictive criminal record.

Rishma Gupta will ensure that your Charter Rights are protected during the arrest and that police follow proper procedures with regard to evidence handling. The failure to respect and protect Charter rights can lead to the suppression of evidence and even dismissal of charges.

Rishma Gupta practices exclusively in the area of criminal defence law and will also review each piece of evidence including witness testimony, financial records, video surveillance, etc. to ensure you have the best possible defence. If you or someone you know has been charged with robbery, theft, fraud, or burglary, contact Rishma today at 416-844-8467 or rish@guptacriminaltriallawyers.com.